Creating ActionBars

Download the demo, run through the QuickStart tutorial and see why our "5 minute" claim is no hype! You'll see firsthand how quickly (and easily) you can create a bar without knowing ANY programming; just very basic HTML.

Previewing your ActionBar is virtually instantaneous because you create the bars right in your browser. Editing and preview is integrated in a single window! You don't need to switch between different applications every time you want to preview.

You don't have to create any image files! All graphics are created by the browser when the ActionBar is loaded. This means you not only save time creating your bar, but there are fewer files for users to download.

Editing ActionBars

Unlike any other Java button package, you can completely modify an existing ActionBar quickly and painlessly; this includes altering the text, adding new buttons, adjusting spacing, etc. Each time you make a change to your bar or buttons, the entire bar is instantly reformatted in Just The Right Way!

For example, if you add or insert a new button, all the ActionBar graphics automatically adjust to make room for the new button. Or if you lengthen the text in one button, the bar and/or the buttons will resize appropriately. This is a HUGE time saver! (You don't have to tell your clients how much time you saved. ;-) )

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