Ease Of Use

ActionBars is by far the easiest system on the market for creating interactive navigation bars for your web site!

Runs In Your Browser - You create ActionBars with BarBuilder, a tool that runs right in your browser. BarBuilder uses menus and text fields to make it very easy to produce error-free HTML that works the first time.

Experimentation - BarBuilder lets you experiment with hundreds of different appearances by simply selecting another style. No reformatting, no adjustments, it happens automatically!

Instant HTML - ActionBar HTML is created with one click of a button, so when you're happy with your bar just export the HTML and paste it into your page(s). It's that easy!

No Images Needed! - ActionBars does not require any custom graphic files. Everything is created automatically. You can choose from hundreds of professionally designed styles, any of which can be easily customized in BarBuilder.

Human Readable HTML - The HTML used by ActionBars is human-readable. You can use BarBuilder to create and edit your existing bars, but you can also edit the raw HTML file with ease!

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