Win / Unix v1.6 Demo (3.4 Meg )

Macintosh v1.6 Demo

ActionBars161Demo.sit (3.3 Meg )

(These archives contain exactly the same files, compressed in different formats for your convenience. You can open and use either archive on both platforms with Aladdin Expander)

Download Accelerators: If you have problems downloading either of the archives above, please disable any download accelerator you may be using, such as DAP. We have reports of problems using this utility. Thanks.

WinZip Strongly Recommended for Windows users: We have reports of problems using other decompression utilities, such as DataViz's Conversions Plus.

The demo only works with local *FILES*, i.e. drag your .html file onto your browser. If you let a server dish up the files, even on your own computer, it will probably n ot work.

Installation: It's *extremely* easy - just decompress the archive onto your computer. That's it! Any folder or directory is fine.

You should begin by opening the file named "StartHere.html", since it has links to all starting points and information.

NOTE: BarBuilder starts in a new window, so if you have a popup-window inhibitor running it will not start!

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