How? We Re-Wrote Java

Well, sort of.... Immedia has taken the amazing step of creating a very compact, but sophisticated graphics engine inside ActionBars, so you are guaranteed what you see on your browser is exactly pixel-for-pixel what everyone else will see! This includes the bars, buttons, and even the wide range of ImmediaFonts supplied with the package.

Unlike other packages, our engine takes into account the quirks, ommissions and bugs of virtually every major browser and version (no small task!). No other Java web site software provides this level of cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility!

Older Browsers - ActionBars are compatible with all Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers back to 3.01 versions. This means ActionBars work with more browsers than even the most basic JavaScript rollovers (!) which are pretty boring compared to the 5 state interaction with sound effects in ActionBars! Do you crave cool, but don't want to lose valuable customers who are using another platform (Windows vs. Macintosh vs. Unix) or still using older browsers....? it's easy to have your cake and eat it too - with ActionBars!

Security - ActionBars does not use image files for graphics - all graphics and fonts are created by our own engine. This means there are no security issues related to Java attempting to load images through a firewall. (see "Is Your Site Broken" for more info)

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