Is Your Web Site Broken??

There are a number of compatibility issues with other interactive navigation bar technologies. Here are two examples:

Text Sizing - If you use any Java applets, (like CoffeeCup/SiliconJoy, among many others), take a look at your site on different browsers and platforms. You will be surprised! Text will be mispositioned and/or CUT OFF! Your buttons will almost always only look correct on one platform, and sometimes on only one browser. The big issue is that different platforms and browsers don't draw text at the same size, so buttons get sized and drawn incorrectly (see real-life examples).

Images and Firewalls - Java applets that use image files (GIF/JPEG/etc) do not work through some corporate firewalls. This is true even though the applets pass through the firewall just fine! This occurs with every Java package that uses image files, including major ones like PageCharmer. Since there is absolutely no way to detect this situation, there is no way to gracefully fall back to an image map or text links. Your site will simply be unusable for these clients. Since ActionBars does not use image files it works perfectly!

  • Note: This is very difficult to test because you need to have access to someone inside one of these corporations to test your site! We conducted a small test study that revealed a number of large corporations with this configuration, representing hundreds of thousands of users!

You owe it to yourself and your clients to check your site and be sure it's usable by all your customers and/or your client's customers.

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